Imagine Family Math

Welcome to the Family Math Hub! Use the resources below to talk about and do math together as a family at home. Discover tutorial videos, fun activities, and conversation starters.

Welcome to Imagine Family Math!

Imagine Learning is introducing Imagine Family Math to families who need additional math resources, activities and instructional videos to support at home learning. 

The Imagine Family Math Hub is an open-access website to be used on any device, anywhere, at any time. 



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Math Videos

Need help understanding a specific math concept? Watch a short video to learn concepts with your student!
Math Videos
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Inspiring Confidence

Discover new ways to connect to your children and family about math. Try asking your student these questions to start a conversation about math at home.
Inspiring Confidence
Playing cards math activity

Math Activities

Math is all around us. Click here for activities to do together at home and in your community that involve math.
Math Activities

Live Teacher

Need further help on math homework? Having difficulties understanding a word problem? Just have a math question? We have a live teacher to help your student at home! Click here to learn more.
Live Teacher
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Imagine Math Help Center for Families

Learn more about Imagine Math and how to make the most of each program at home.
Imagine Math Help Center

Math Glossary

Vocabulary is an important part of math understanding. Use the glossary to look up common math terms.
Access the Glossary