Math Activities

This page is full of fun, engaging activities and games around math that can be done at home with your families. Check back regularly for new activities and themes throughout the year!
Board Games to play to Practice Math

Board games are a great way to practice math skills!

math books_1.PNG
Books about Math

Use this list of books from KQED to learn true stories about math! This list includes biographies of famous mathematicians, women in mathematics. These stories are engaging and fun to read together with your child.

Math in Movies

If you are watching a movie at home with your children, ask them some questions about the math seen in the movie, or the ways math is used to create the movie they are seeing! 

Roll and Round
Practice rounding with dice at home

What you need: Two to five dice (depending on how big you want your numbers to be).

For example, if you want to round two-digit numbers, you need two dice. You will need three dice to round three-digit
numbers, etc. It will also help to have scratch paper to keep score.

Number Maker
A card game about place value

Here is a fun game that everyone can play to help learn place value. Grab a deck of cards, paper and a pencil, watch the video or download the instructions below and you will be on your way!