Inspiring Confidence

Math is all around us! The resources on this page give you ideas of how to talk about math with your child in every day situations: sports, travel, at the grocery store or the library!
Encouraging Your Child
Talking to your child about math

The downloadable documents, available in English and Spanish, offer help tips, questions, and topics to help facilitate a conversation about math with your student. The pages provide a resource to encourage math and education talk outside of school and how to engage in your child’s education more. 

Download the instructions in English


math books
Books about Math

Use this list of books from KQED to learn true stories about math! This list includes biographies of famous mathematicians, women in mathematics, and and are engaging and fun to read together with your child. 

Math In Sports
Math can be done while playing or watching sports

Use the downloadable conversation starters below to get your child thinking about math while they are playing or watching sports. 

Math in Movies

If you are watching a movie at home with your children, ask them some questions about the math seen in the movie, or the ways math is used to create the movie they are seeing! 

Weekend Math

Math is not just a school subject. It is everywhere all the time! Use these conversation starters to talk about math this weekend.